These rules are based primarily off our Discord server but apply to all of our platforms, where reasonable.

 No cash trades / account trading.

For the safety and security of all users, only verified cash traders with the cash-trader role are allowed to cash-trade in Trademart.

Cash traders must maintain a good reputation ratio and undergo an ID verification process conducted by Stripe every 6 months. The verification process is currently free of charge, but a fee of $9.99 will be implemented at a later date. This process is meant to deter scammers and ensure that only trustworthy users have access to the platform. Please trade responsibly and take steps to prevent getting scammed, as there is no way to retrieve your items once a trade is completed.

 Don't be a douchebag.

Don't start fights, don't insult others for no reason & spread love instead of toxicity.
We are all comrades after all.
Be welcoming to new users - you do not know who they are, and why are they here,
calling people "grey names" and such right after they join creates a very toxic atmosphere.

If is someone being toxic or disrespectful towards you, please tell us and we will handle it.
Alternatively, you can fight it out with them in the #arguing channel in our DIscord as a civil matter.

Yes, joining  a channel just to ear-rape as well as sharing such content is being a douche-bag.

 Keep the chats tidy.

We have over 30 channels in our Discord for a reason.
Whatever it is that you want to share, there is a designated space for it.

As an example, do not randomly post memes in #main-chat, while someone else is having a conversation.
It is not appreciated, and is nothing else but disruptive - it forces reaction of people as it is throwing in their face, if you were to post such meme in #media for example, it would be much more appreciated.

Sometimes you may feel like smashing your head against your keyboard, which is understandable,
but please use #spam to do so, these are few of many examples.

 Do not beg.

Begging is not going to get you anywhere.
...Except Gulag.

There are many ways to get free skins, but begging is not one of them.
It will only get you instantly disliked by the community and eventually banned.

 Use your common sense.

You have a brain, use it before you type anything.
As the saying goes; If you have nothing good to say, rather say nothing.

 Follow Discord TOS & The Law.

Sharing anything that is illegal, or goes against the Discord TOS will get you banned.
This includes, but is not limited to animal abuse, distribution of game cheats and viruses.

Bans as such are permanent and not possible to appeal.

You can find Discord's Terms of Service here and guidelines here.

 No NSFW / Gore.

We have kids in the server, take that in account.
Posting any NSFW, Gore, or in other way disgusting or shocking content equals in an instant ban.

 No advertising.

We do not mind you occasionally sharing some of your content.
But DM advertising, spamming, discord invites or begging for subs will result in a ban.

DM advertising is most definitely not an option for growing your server.
It can be seen as DM spam and lead to your account getting terminated from Discord.
Moreover, it grants you nothing more but a bad reputation, and getting black-listed by any serious platform.

 Jokes have limits.

No memes about violent tragedies or anything that could be seen as glorifying violence.
This includes, but does not limit to: Terrorist attacks, sexual assault, murder, war, bombings, and school shootings.

No discriminatory jokes and hate speech (attacks on an individual or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disabilities)

It is absolutely not appreciated in Trademart and will get you banned.

 No alt accounts.

Due to the nature of our giveaways, and keeping it fair for everyone, we have to have this restriction in place.
If we find that you have an alt account in the server, all of your accounts will be banned without a chance to appeal.

If your Discord account has been compromised, you can join with your new one,
but please do let us know, and the old one will be removed - failing to do this can be seen as an evasion.

 Do not exploit Gulag overrides.

Re-joining the server, crashing the bot, joining from an alt account as well as other exploits that get you out of Gulag or Muted role early, will result in a permanent ban.

The same goes for abusing any of our commands for malicious purposes.
If you find an exploit, report it before testing it.

That would be all from our part, thank you for reading!

We reserve the right to change or add to these rules at any time.
If we deem your behaviour inappropriate you can get banned for a reason that is not listed here a lot of things fall under the "common sense" rule.
Having a high level, or being a Donator makes you in no way exempt from these rules and you will be treated equally.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask & propose any suggestions you may have.

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